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California State Lands Commission (SLC)
Documents and Correspondence
Concerning State-Owned Lands in Byxbee Park

September 27, 1989
SLC lease of Byxbee Park land to the City of Palo Alto (5 MB)

May 5, 1992
First Amendment to the SLC lease (2.3 MB)

June 27, 2000
Second Amendment to the SLC lease (2.3 MB)

January 6, 2009
e-mail from Palo Alto Public Works Department requesting clarification
regarding permissibility of current composting operations

January 16, 2009
Response from State Lands Commission
(which Measure E proponents erroneously allege grants permission for their proposed garbage mill)

February 11, 2011
Complaint filed with SLC alleging misuse of State lands by Palo Alto

March 8, 2011
Walter Hays' letter (mistakenly dated March 8, 2010) informing SLC of Measure E's intent
- Document Image (3.8 MB) -

July 28, 2011
Letter from State Lands Commission to Palo Alto Ciy Attorney's office recommending
that "the City refrain from taking any irreversible actions" [on State-owned lands in Byxbee Park]
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